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Our Vision: All youth in our communities have a confident, strong and mindful personality along with the skills to assist the Imam atfs of our time

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The Journey

The Journey

What do we cover? Club 313’s plan for Youth Empowerment will focus on the following areas (please note, this is not an exhaustive list and we welcome any suggestions for more areas): • Emotional Development o Building self-esteem & confidence

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What our Members say…

Salam Thank you sooooo much to both all of you for today. This was my first session and it was so useful. May Allah SWT bless you all endlessly. Sister Uzma was a very good host and Sister Fahima also delivered her work wonderfully and it always very easy to follow alhamd. Very much appreciative as it was slow enough and hence easy to digest for someone like myself who has been out of university for months. I very much appreciate this as it has made me prioritise what's more important and given me an impetus to do so as I feel education and what not will follow through after me sorting out my health. JazakAllah Afdhal Al Khayr - May God's Most Bountiful Grace be with you Salaams and thanks once again,

Participant in Conquering Fear & Anxiety Programme

"I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to sister Uzma and sister Fahima in putting such an amazing programme together. It is truly allowing to grow and develope from deep within. I am finding that I'm becoming more aware of my inner self and ultimately leading me to having greater control over myself. This is such a liberating feeling and it is truly because of the people who thought of putting this whole thing together. It was a needed topic and I hope there will be many more self development programs coming in the future. Each lessons content is very informative and sister Fahima explains concepts in a simplified manner. Thank you to the club 313 team for such providing such a thought provoking platform. Jazakallah kheir"

Participant in Conquering Fear & Anxiety Programme

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Board of Advisors

1st Programme – Conquering Fear & Anxiety

2nd Programme – Spiritual Development