Who we are?

Club313 comprises of a team of volunteers dedicated to youth empowerment, in preparation for the Imam of our time ajft.  We work closely with a board of advisors comprising of scholars and professionals, who are responsible for making sure our content is completely in line with the teachings of the Ahlulbayt as.  The experts we hire for designing and delivering the programmes have vast amount of professional experience in the area of development, are fully vetted and are DBS holders (see “Our Experts” page for more information).  Club313 runs on a completely non-profit basis.  Our passion is to help the youth thrive and excel their potential so they can be proud ambassadors of the Ahlulbayt as and we also want to make ease for the parents along the way so there is an element of learning for our parents too in order to support their children.

Why choose Club 313?

Living in the West, life is filled with complexities with a difficult balance of East and West, it is hard for everyone to meet expectations and we see more and more families facing challenges with every day life.  Times are hard for our youth and parents now more than ever.  The pressure is real and many youth as well as parents don’t know who to turn to when a problem occurs and by the time help is sought, it is often ‘too late’ in many ways.

Here at Club313, we want to provide our families the one stop platform for every need, we want to create a preventative measure so we guide, support and nourish the youth early on, taking them on a step by step journey to success in a structured framework.  We want to create an atmosphere and a community of like-minded people, help the youth become well rounded individuals who always feel they have access to professionals in every field to ask questions as they arise.  We have undertaken extensive research to understand the issues and have been working with renowned scholars and experts to develop The Youth Empowerment Programme.  The bespoke project looks deeply at every area within a youths life and provides an in-depth programme consisting of 6-8 weeks of concentrated work on a specific area of development directly with our youth in an online group coaching format (one-to-one support can be provided once a programme has been purchased).  The programmes are designed to cater for ages 13-19 but we have found them to be useful for all ages beyond 19 too.  The best thing about all our programmes is that they are available at the touch of a button from the comfort of your own homes or even when you are travelling from any device, they are LIVE, ONLINE and INTERACTIVE. Each session follows a 20/20/20 structure; first segment is the information from the expert, second segment is to actively apply the learning through an activity and third segment is open for Q&A (taking attention span into consideration).

We do realise that there are a lot of fantastic events happening in local communities, we want to highlight that attending an event in a Hussainiya in person is always encouraged and our programmes in no way discourage youth to attend the existing initiatives in their local areas, however, a lot of those programmes are a) restricted to local attendees only and b) are not holistic (only cover a particular topic). We are also aware that there are events being broadcasted LIVE on social media but they may not be effective due to the conversation being one way.  YouTube videos are great for information but do not come with any explanation and can sometimes cause concern for those with little knowledge as there is no opportunity to ask questions and there are many other videos which may contradict each other and therefore leaves room for confusion.
With internet now being available as a utility and laptops, mobiles and tablets being used by all ages, we think if we target our youth via the internet, we may have a good chance to make them learn and discuss contemporary topics in a fun and active way.  What our youth learn at Club313 is not taught at schools and these are essential skills for life. These programmes are also very suitable for homeschooling.

We want our youth to feel confident in every aspect of their lives, we want them to create connections with other like minded youth and scholars/professionals.  We will create a private Facebook page only for those individuals who become a member of the club and take part in any of our programmes.  This will give them access to the scholars, professionals and other youth who have been on the programmes.  Being a part of this community can be incredibly empowering, helps consolidate the leaning but most importantly gives the youth a sense of belonging, make new friends and discuss matters and encourage each other.  This is also a great platform for parents to learn all about us and our methods.

Our Vision

  • All youth in our communities have a confident, strong and mindful personality along with the skills to assist the Imam atfs of our time

Our Goal

  • To understand the challenges our youth face, on a day to day basis and create opportunities for them to reach their potential so they can contribute in the best way possible to the societies they live in

How will we achieve our Goal?

  • Creating a network of like-minded youth
  • Assessing them to find individual needs before and after each programme
  • Ensuring Parents are involved in each programme to equip them to support and implement the learning of the youth
  • Creating a network of professionals
  • Hiring experts in each identified development area to design the Youth Empowerment Programme
  • Finding creative and effective ways of programme delivery online
  • Measuring against success criteria’s

How will we ensure Quality?

  • By having a Board of Advisors consisting of:
    • Reputable Scholars
    • Experts in various subjects
  • Board of Advisors will guide on:
    • Islamic perspective
    • Task prioritisation
    • Challenges
    • Dealing with contemporary issues
    • Making sure all our programmes are in-line with the teachings of the Ahlulbayt as