What do we cover?

Club 313’s plan for Youth Empowerment will focus on the following areas (please note, this is not an exhaustive list and we welcome any suggestions for more areas):

• Emotional Development
o Building self-esteem & confidence
o Overcoming fears & anxiety
o Developing & accepting identity
• Physical Development
o Understanding body changes
o Healthy lifestyle
o Physical strength & longevity: Personal Fitness Plan
o Dangers of smoking/drugs & why they are used
• Professional Development
o IT / Accounting Skills, Money management
o Public speaking
o Event/Project Management
• Spiritual Development
o Understanding religions & building spirituality
o Self-Assessments
o Morality
• Cognitive Development
o Independence
o Career choices
o Stages of responsibilities 
• Social Development
o Choosing Friends
o Family/Relationships
o Community/Culture/politics

Each programme will be minimum 6 weeks, providing a step-by-step guide and dissecting the subject thoroughly.  Each student will be assessed before and after the programme and on the 6th session, the parents will be invited to join the session.  We want to make sure that the the youth are able to practically apply this learning to their lives and the only way they can do this is by having a change in the environment around them.  The parents will get an overview of what has been taught to their youth and they will be equipped with techniques on how to support them to have a lasting change.

The Details:

We will be using professional Online Video Conferencing system called Webex for the programmes (the Cisco Webex app can be downloaded on any device).  Once your registration is confirmed a link will be sent with joining details and guidelines for the upcoming session. Each session will only be accessible to those who have purchased the programme via the email link, we will share the link on the day of the session.  A contact number will be provided for any technical issues.  If a session is missed, you will get a recording of the session. As we are a non-profit organisation, we humbly request that you do not share your purchased programme with others and treat this as a trust (amanah), this is to ensure that we can continue sustaining our services.


The Costs:

Our experts are hired to design and deliver the programmes and are dedicated to support the youth in every way; they come with vast amounts of knowledge and experience in their field.  We aim to provide exceptional services and we know this will be of a huge value to the youth as well as the parents.  Being a non-profit organisation, we have to have some costs to these programmes.  It has been our objective throughout to make it as easy as possible for the youth & the parents and this is why we have kept our costs as low as possible.

Members: 6 weeks programme – £60 (£10 per session)

Membership:£3.13 per month, per member

Non-members: 6 weeks programme – £120  (£20 per session)

Current offer:

The first 313 members will get the first 3 programmes at half price. So the cost of each session will become £5 and a 6 weeks programme would be £30.

Our Mentoring Scheme:

We are in the process of creating a large pool of mentors from a range of different backgrounds. We want all our youth to feel supported with a clear vision of their future at all times.  The mentoring scheme aims to provide one-to-one support for when the youth are making significant decisions in life or just feeling stuck about something.  For example, when choosing GCSE subjects, when making a decision about a career path, or marriage, or any other issue.  Our mentors have experience in working with youth and are professionals.  We will endeavour to assign people to the the closest match e.g. someone looking to work in the finance sector will be assigned to a professional already working in that field (depending on availability).  We will ensure that our mentors are CRB checked.