Board of Advisors

Dr. Ali Al-hilli

Ali Al-Hilli is a scientist by profession with a PhD in Bioinformatics from University of Glasgow. He is also an Islamic speaker and author with a Masters in Islamic Studies from Islamic College and Middlesex University in London. He was taught by renowned scholars and academics such as Prof. Ayatollah Milani and Prof. Ali Paya.
He began his Islamic lecturing career in 2012 and has since then delivered hundreds of lectures, workshops, discussion circles and debates. He specialises on topics that are contemporary and important to the youth, such as self development, worship and mental health. See his lectures and workshops here.
Dr Al-Hilli is also the author of the book “101 ways to Concentrate in Prayer” which has sold thousands worldwide.
Dr Al-Hilli has been involved in many community projects including founding the Muslim Families Initiative and Mesopotamian Youth Association charity.

Sister Nasim Walji

Sister Nasim Walji Pirmohamed, formerly studied at a traditional Islamic seminary both in Tehran and Qum during the early years of the Islamic Revolution in Iran. She is still in pursuit of true knowledge and at the same time has the passion to disseminate and share to others.

She has been a religious and motivational public speaker for the last twenty five years and has spoken in various faith communities and universities in many parts of the world.

From 2000 to 2003 she founded and worked with “Ahlulbayt Sister’s Network” ABSN during her stay in Kenya and as part of Muslim NGO, sister Nasim was able to help empower women, especially those who were completely marginalized, from the indigenous African Shia communities.

During her stay in Kenya; she led a steering role in leading the editorial team for Children’s “Mujtaba” Magazine during this time.

Sister Nasim has facilitated and conducted workshops on pertinent issues, Self- Development and on Compassionate Parenting in various Islamic Centers in the UK.

As an active member of the Shia community here in Birmingham, she plays a very important role as a vice chairperson in the ME2WE (Mediation in Marriage and Family Counselling). She is a proactive listener, mediates, and supports a lot of young couples who are faced with challenges.

Sister Nasim is a strong voice for the Clifton Road Interfaith initiatives where she helps promote the community spirit.

A founder member of SMUMS, she devoted her spare time so graciously to support young mums as a guide and a support in nurturing their little ones and is also a life coach and a faith coach to

As she sees the world being so desensitised to the plight of the refugees especially the women and children, and the lack God-centredness, societies live in their own little bubbles, the notion of “individualism” has increased so rapidly, she found herself struggling against all odds to change this inhumane perception and in her more current projects, Sister Nasim is a founding member of “Lady Zainab Helping Hands” a noble, humanitarian project through which she and her team of dedicated volunteers have helped in their most humble ways in bringing awareness and help the plight of the vulnerable orphans and honourable widows. Her inspirations come from a revolutionary woman, it was none other than Sayyada Zaynab pbuh’s blessings that this humble initiative evolved.

Despite all the challenges, as this humanitarian project is still in the very early stages, through the tawfeeq from Allah swt, she has been able to make a small difference in the lives of many, but this could not be possible without the support of likeminded souls, empathetic souls when it came to being a helping hand and being a ray of hope in the midst of utter darkness to the desperate situation of the internally displaced families who have sought refuge at the holy proximity of Sayyada Zaynab a.s. in Zaynabiyah.

At present in her quest for knowledge, sister Nasim continues with further understanding and deeper research into the practical aspect of spirituality and spiritual growth and how this can positively impact one’s relationship with God and His Creations. Her research is based from the divine words and supplications from our grand spiritual Masters, through knowing one’s essence by extrapolating Supplications of Imam Sajjad a.s. on attaining moral excellence.

At this stage in her life, she still feels that she knows nothing and this yearning brings her more grounded and earthly. She is ever so approachable, accommodating and has a non-judgmental attitude when she deals with people’s and she is always there to help whenever sisters need her despite her extremely busy schedule.

Syed Ayleya

Syed Ayleya, from pakistan Masters in arabic and islamic sciences from Pakistan and 15 years of hawzah-level education Benefitted from the lessons of dars ul-khaarij of ayatullah sheikh jawad tabrizi (ra) and ayatullah sheikh waheed khurasani (ha) and lessons of tafseer ul quraan and islamic philosophy of ayatullah jawaadi aamuli (ha), living in Seattle, Washington, USA since last 21 years, founder of Zainab (as) Organization, Seattle, Washington,

Sheikh Nuru Mohammed

The following documentary is an in-depth detail on Sheikh Nuru Mohammed’s background, however here are a few points on his recent activities:

  1. BA in Islamic Philosophy and Mysticism
  2. MA in Islamic Studies
  3. Resident Minister of Religion at Khoja Shia Muslim Community of Birmingham
  4. Member of the Birmingham Standing Advisory Board on Religious Education ( SACRE)
  5. Co-Author of Muslim Manual on HIV and AIDS prevention under the supervision of the WORLD VISION
  6. Presented papers at local and international conferences on different topics
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Br Aslan Toofani

Br Aslan Toofani is an Entrepreneur, motivational speaker and mentor. He is currently the founder, board member and advisor to several businesses in the areas of Software & tech, consumer goods and e-commerce. Before his Entrepreneurship journey, he was a team leader and consultant in successful tech companies. He has also studied Theology for 5 years before joining the Hawza program by the Islamic college of London, currently in his 3rd year of Studies.

Syed Mohamed Al Musawi

Your Ouestions Answered by Syed Mohamed Al Musawi