The Youth Empowerment Programme

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The Youth Empowerment Programme



March 15, 2020 to January 24, 2021




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This bespoke project looks deeply at every area within a youths life and provides an in-depth programme consisting of 6-8 weeks of concentrated work on a specific area of development directly with our youth in an online group coaching format (one-to-one support can be provided once a programme has been purchased).  The programmes are designed to cater for ages 13-19 but we have found them to be useful for all ages beyond 19 too.  The best thing about all our programmes is that they are available at the touch of a button from the comfort of your own homes or even when you are travelling from any device, they are LIVE, ONLINE and INTERACTIVE. Each session follows a 20/20/20 structure; first segment is the information from the expert, second segment is to actively apply the learning through an activity and third segment is open for Q&A (taking attention span into consideration).

With internet now being available as a utility and laptops, mobiles and tablets being used by all ages, we think if we target our youth/young families via the internet, we may have a good chance to make them learn and discuss contemporary topics in a fun and active way.  What our youth learn at Club 313 is not necessarily taught at schools and these are essential skills for life. These programmes are also very suitable for homeschooling youth and teachers.

We want our youth to feel confident in every aspect of their lives, we want them to create connections with other like minded youth and scholars/professionals.  We will create a private Facebook page only for those individuals who become a member of the club and take part in any of our programmes.  This will give them access to the scholars, professionals and other youth who have been on the programmes.  Being a part of this community can be incredibly empowering, helps consolidate the leaning but most importantly gives the youth a sense of belonging, make new friends and discuss matters and encourage each other.  This is also a great platform for parents to learn all about us and our methods.

Things to remember:

  1. We operate online, delivering live and interactive programmes
  2. We only use experts, professionals and scholars with vast amounts of experience in the relevant areas, who are CRB checked to design and deliver the programmes
  3. We deliver holistic programmes covering every area within a youths life
  4. We incorporate support for the parents in each programme, making sure they are equipped with the tools and techniques to support their child