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We are sincerely committed to making a difference to our youths lives, having done extensive research on this, seeing the results of a recent survey done on over 2000 Muslim youth living in the West, it is utterly heartbreaking that our youth feel so vulnerable and lost to a huge extent, some take to alcohol and drugs misuse while others resort to committing suicide. Although these are very serious matters, you would be surprised to know that it is not as uncommon as we think. If things aren’t as serious as that then at the very least we see our youth feeling helpless and depressed in their own homes. Many of them having to live double lives and claiming that their parents simply don’t understand their struggles – we can clearly see that there is a disconnect somewhere. What are we as adults, who are responsible for putting them in this part of the world, doing about it?

Isn’t it our responsibility as their elders to provide them with the platform where they feel safe to express themselves, to be open with other youth, to learn the life skills they probably wont learn anywhere else in a holistic manner and a step-by-step system.

When our youth grow in an environment where they feel disconnected and not a part of the community that understands them or have not been exposed to the right support when they face difficulties then many emotions get trapped in the subconscious mind (90% of the brain), in their long term memory. These emotions and feelings create habits, patterns addictions and before we know it, they are ready to marry someone. With those broken connections they are expected to be able to now look after another persons feelings and it becomes a vicious cycle and we see such a high rate of divorce and mental health illnesses due to pressures of life being piled on.

We MUST do something to stop this cycle. This is where Club 313 comes in. We have worked hard to develop this programme for this very reason, we want to see the Hussaini youth prosper, become strong and confident people who know themselves, know what they want and how to get it. We teach them all the necessary skills in order to become well rounded, contributing members of the society. We create great content, we make it practical and applicable to their lives and then we give the parents an overview of what they have learned and how to support their new way of thinking. This is how we fill their subconscious mind with creativity, spiritual connections, intuition, happy emotions and good feelings.

We cannot do this alone, we need your help…

Al-ḥāmdu lillāh, it gives us great pleasure to announce that we have permission from
Agha Sistani’s London Office to collect Sehme Imam Khums money for Club 313 in order to develop the Youth Empowerment Programme for the youth as well as other services of the club In’shāh’Allāh. We really want to make a difference to the youths’ lives, for this, we need your generous donations, not only khums payments but also regular donations to help us keep providing excellent services to our beloved youth.

We would like to urge anyone who has Khums to pay, to donate the money to us as this programme aims to create a national platform for shia youth by supporting and empowering them in every area of their lives In’shāh’Allāh.

Our membership is open to all and there is a small fee of £5 per month to become a member. Please sign up on our website and click on the “Join the Club” tab.

Please pay the money into the following account with the reference “SI Khums”. Please donate Sehme Imam ONLY as we would have to transfer the Sehme sadaat to the Imam Ali Foundation. We wholeheartedly thank you for your support. May Allah bless you and accept your generosity.