We are looking for professionals with vast experience in the following areas  to work with our youth.  You will be expected to have experience working with youth, be able to design and deliver a programme of 6 weeks in your field (one hour each week).  All learning will take place online so you are not required to be attending anywhere in person, however you must be fluently speaking English and can understand the challenges of the youth of the West.  We are looking for people who will be able to understand the issues of youth living in the West and be able to relate to them.  We require a DBS check.
If you have experience in any of these areas, please send your CV, if screened, you will be invited for a short interview – after passing the interview, you will be walked through the ‘on-boarding process’ through our HR department.  We require a picture and a bio of each professional we work with as we will be adding your details on our website to provide transparency and assurance to the youth and parents that they are leaning from professionals. 
Please send your CV to: contact@club313.org.  Please clearly state which area you are applying for and if it is not obvious from your CV then write why you qualify to develop the programme in that area.
Areas of expertise:
• Emotional Development
o Building self-esteem & confidence
o Overcoming fears & anxiety
o Developing & accepting identity
• Physical Development
o Understanding body changes
o Healthy lifestyle
o Physical strength & longevity: Personal Fitness Programme
o Dangers of smoking/drugs & why they are used
• Professional Development
o IT / Accounting Skills, Money management
o Public speaking
o Event/Project Management
• Spiritual Development
o Understanding religions & building spirituality
o Self-Assessments
o Morality
• Cognitive Development
o Independence
o Career choices
o Stages of responsibilities 
• Social Development
o Choosing Friends
o Family/Relationships
o Community/Culture/politics
We are also building a large pool of mentors for our youth.  This will be on a voluntary basis, if you are interested in becoming a mentor with Club 313, then please contact us.
Thank you and good luck!