Fahima Mahomed graduated with a Business Management Degree (BSc Hons) and worked in a law firm as a conveyancer. She later became a qualified Lifecoach and certified NLP Practitioner (neuro-linguistic programming). Also certified in Mindfulness, Existential, Positive Psychology, Group and Facilitation for companies and institutes, Relationship and Couples Coaching.

She has appeared on several shows on Ahlulbayt TV, Imam Hussein tv speaking on many topics including controversial subjects like divorce and mutah, parenting skills and general advice to youth and adults. She currently produces her own shows on Ahlebait TV sky channel 745 . She recently came up with the concept of bringing in today’s psychology and blending it with the teachings of the Ahlulbayt and created, produced and host her own show on Imam Hussein TV.

Believing that everyone can empower themselves to achieve anything they set their mind to, Fahima uses NLP techniques to open, widen and change mindsets to create new habits in order to live more fulfilled and happier. As a Lifecoach, she is a catalyst to assist her audience to tap into their own potential to achieve change and outcomes they desire in their personal and professional transformation.

Fahima shares her story and personal life struggles to inspire, motivate and assist others through their journey regardless of what they are facing, as anything is possible with prayer, continuous learning and managing change successfully by adopting the right attitude and way of thinking.



· Fifth year Hawza student at Imam Hussain Foundation which is accredited by the Maraji if Najaf and Qum.

· Thoroughly studied Jurisprudence, Logic, Theology, Arabic Grammer and more.

· Lecturer and reciter for 4 years now and travelled internationally to speak and recite.

· Teacher in Pre-Hawza for youth who aspire to learn basic Hawza studies.

· Teacher for Shia Univiersity groups in Windsor where in-depth Jurisprudence and Theology is taught.

· Conducts discussion style workshops for Club 313 and will be conducting a full spiritual development program this coming January.

· Studied Mechanical Engineering at St.Clair College.



Berak Hussain is a Canadian Iraqi psychotherapist, also known as The Muslim Counsellor, and a passionate public speaker in Muslim Mental Health, Social Justice , Islamic issues and poetry. She has worked locally and internationally on a variety of mental health initiatives working tirelessly to break the stigma around the topic within the community. Berak also speaks on a variety of Islamic and Psychological issues bridging the connection and misconceptions around Islam and mental health within Muslim communities, professional psychological and academic as well as other faith and cultural audiences. Having had successful workshop, media and lecture tours in the UK and Australia, Berak continues to break the taboos around these topics to the Muslim and mainstream audiences in more events in Canadian and American cities as well



Tehseen Mustafa is a Paediatric Dietitian who has worked in the NHS over the last 16 years in a range of settings. In her initial years of work, Tehseen worked with acutely ill patients in hospital and those needing specialist input for conditions like diabetes, coeliac’s disease and disease related malnutrition.
Tehseen went on to gain a Post-Graduate Certificate at a Master’s level in Paediatrics while gaining specialist experience within a multi-disciplinary setting in allergy, home enteral nutrition and general Paediatrics.
Over the years, Tehseen has taught and facilitated training in a number of different settings. These have included being a lead student trainer for placements 1&2, training other Allied Healthcare Professionals including junior doctors and working with children to provide nutritional education and knowledge.


Reza John Vedadi

PhD film studies student, MA in Film Production & MA in Islamic Studies, film and documentary director, producer, an academic and cultural writer based in London







Mohammed Mahdi Said

Certified strength and conditioning coach. Before becoming a professional fitness coach, I embarked on a 6 year journey in the world of mixed martial arts, having the privileged to train amongst some of the best fighters and martial artists in the world from different disciplines ranging from Brazilian jiu jitsu to Muay thai and Freestyle wrestling. Having been a student of martial arts and competing around the world. As well as completing a 115km Ironman Triathlon race in Marbella. I aquired the tools and knowledge to transform a physique to its elite shape. Now I work with working professionals, business individuals and entrepreneurs, teaching them how they can balance training and nutrition into their busy lives without compromising on their work and busy schedules. I have transformed many people’s lives and helped them achieve their dream physique. Most importantly helped them build practices, practices that build habits. habits that changes lives.