About Us

Who We Are?

Club 313 comprises a team of volunteers dedicated to youth empowerment, in preparation for the Imam of our time (ajft). We work closely with a board of advisors composed of scholars and professionals, who are responsible for making sure our content is completely in line with the teachings of the Ahlulbayt as. Club 313 runs on a completely non-profit basis. Our passion is to help the youth thrive and excel their potential so they can be proud ambassadors of the Ahlulbayt as and we also want to make it easy for the parents along the way so there is an element of learning for our parents too in order to support their children.

Why Choose Club 313

Living in the West, life is filled with complexities with a difficult balance of East and West, it is hard for everyone to meet expectations and we see families facing challenges with everyday life. Times are hard for the youth and parents now more than ever. Here at Club 313, we want to provide our families the one stop platform for every need, we want to create a preventative measure so we guide, support and nourish the youth early on, taking them on a step by step journey to success in a structured framework. We want to create an atmosphere and a community of like-minded people, help the youth become well rounded individuals who always feel they have access to professionals in every field to ask questions as they arise.

Our Vision

All youth in our communities have a confident, strong and mindful personality along with the skills to assist the Imam atfs of our time.

Our Mission

To help the youth thrive and excel their potential so they can be proud learners and ambassadors of the Ahlulbayt.